Things I’m mulling over… {aka Monday Randomness}

And they sang the song of Moses, servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints, who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy. Revelation 15:3-4

The world is a needy place; do not go there for sustenance.  Instead, come to Me.  Learn to depend on ME alone, and your weakness will be saturated by My Power.  When you find your completeness in Me, you can help other people without using them to meet your own needs.  Live in the Light of My Presence, and your light will shine brightly in the lives of others.  Galatians 5:22 & 1 John 4:12 – Jesus Calling

“just and true are thy ways..”  This convicted me!  Often my default is questioning, which leads to struggling (either in my heart or with my emotions)  I do believe that His ways are just and true, and I needed the reminder this morning!

Jess from Making Home, is a constant encouragement, and this morning was no different:

What I Noticed Watching My Friend Be Busy At Home

“If my husband worked as hard as I do every day, would anyone want to hire him?  Would we have a paycheck coming in if he worked with the same level of effort and diligence as I do?” 

I’ve LOVED this series… Make Ahead Mondays. We’re working on building up freezer meals again, and I love her fresh ideas for things to try.

Slow Cooker Cola Pulled Pork and Carnitas Rice Bowls – Make Ahead Mondays 

And finally, this post: Its Time

This topic is something I’ve struggled through a lot of the past year, birth being an idol.  And if I were completely honest with myself, the idolatry was much more of an issue in my heart than I ever, ever could have imagined.

I especially loved this little piece:  “However, everything that we have, everything we are given is from the LORD or used to the glory of the LORD. It is through none of our own strength. It bothers me to know how many women I encounter, god-fearing women and otherwise, that will hold so tightly to the idol of birth only to be ultimately disappointed because what their focus should be on is the LORD and the gratitude that comes with knowing that everything we have is His.”

So there you have it, a peek into my brain (and heart?!) – scary stuff.  :)

This is my feeble attempt at easing back in to some blogging.  It’s been 13 months since my last post, so we’ll see if I can get it fired up again.

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One Response to Things I’m mulling over… {aka Monday Randomness}

  1. Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart, dear one!

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